Wooden Hamster House


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【Function】This wooden house can serve as a habitat for the hamster to find food, sleep and play, allowing it to expend its excess energy and keep it active and healthy. In addition, the flat and spacious roof is large enough to accommodate a hamster water dispenser, sand bath or other toys without taking up too much space in the cage.
【3 Chambers Design】This wooden hut has three chambers connected by four holes about 2.1 in (5.5 cm) in diameter, where your little pet can move back and forth to increase the fun of player.
【Easy to install】Our guinea pig house uses multi-plank assembly method, no glue or nails required, easy to install, the finished product is firm and not easy to fall apart.
【Cage Decoration】This house is not only the ideal decoration for your rodent’s cage, but also expands the hamster’s activity space. Suitable for hamsters, guinea pigs, dwarf hamsters, gerbils, rats and other small pets.


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