Hyselene 12pcs Feather Cat Toy


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🐾 The best cat toy set:Feather cat toy contain retractable cat fishing rod*2, feather cat toy*6, cat worm toy*4. Replaceable cat accessory, provide more choice and fun for cats.
🐾 High quality kitten toy:Flexible telescopic cat fishing rod lengthen to 102cm, shorten to 38.5cm,Have greater flexibility.Cat accessory made of feathers and natural dyes,it is safe and durable.
🐾 Interactive and exercise: Each cat accessories comes with a bell, attract kittens’ attention. You can play interactive cat games with cats, promote feelings and trust.
🐾 Stay healthy: Kitten toys can provide long-term exercise and entertainment for kittens, let the cat try to roll over, chase and jump, improve appetite and sleep, and stay healthy healthy and alive.


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