Colexy Feather Toys for Cats , 5 Pieces


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【Let Your Cat Exercise and Be Healthy】This Cat Toy allows your cat to increase their activity, the Bells on the Cat Toy attract your cat to roll, chase and jump, exercise the body and the attention of your Cat, your Cat is healthier, suitable for all sizes of Cats.
【Easy to Interact】The Cat Stick can be up to 90cm long, so you can play with your Cat on the sofa or bed. Includes 4 interchangeable colored feathers with bells (3 flying bird shapes and a butterfly feather). The Cat Playset can interact with Cats in many ways, building trust and friendship with Cats.
【Double Attraction of Feather and Bell】This Interactive Cat Toy is brightly colored and equipped with bells. Bell sound can keep your cat alert, Feathers to visually attract cat’s attention. Double attraction, turn, jump, chase, exercise more fun, your cat will like our products.


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