Chew Toy for Parrots


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Easy to Install: The bird toy features an active hook that simply attaches to the top of the pet cage. Brilliant color captures parrot’s attention to hide and play.
Good performance: Parrots need to chew on something to keep the beak at the right length. If the beak is too long, it will influence their feeding ability. Our parrot chew toys contain colorful wooden bricks and other different shapes of accessories to entice your parrot to chew and dig, keeping the beak healthy.
Features: Bird Toy Dimensions: 35×12cm, Bird Rod Sticks: 16cm (Random Color), Suggest for Medium Large Parrot, African Grey, Macaw, Cacatua, African Grey, Macaw,
Perfect Application: It meets almost all birds’ natural needs and allows most birds to exercise and strengthen muscles. It can also help improve bird intelligence and aid in coordination and balance skills. Suitable for parrot mynah, parrots, ares and other medium and small sized birds.


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