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How to play this smart dog toy:
1) Use a funnel to fill food into the holes in the granaries. 2) Your dog can push the small lofts with his paws or his mouth. When the granaries pass through the holes, the food is spilled on the medium slow feed. It is a reward for your dog to play more, so your dog’s IQ becomes higher.
3) The medium-slow diet can help your pet digest better and prevent flatulence by slowing down the rate at which he eats. It could hold about 400g of animal feed.
Features :
1) The interactive dog toy is not only suitable for dogs, but also for cats of all sizes. 2) It makes your pets think more and their brains become more active, which also helps reduce anxiety. It also helps them reduce destructive behavior at home.
3) Safe: The dog activity toy is made of eco-friendly and BPA-free ABS material, which makes it sturdy and durable. It provides comprehensive health protection for dogs and cats, so you can safely use it to feed your pet. 4) Easy to clean: You can add washing up liquid and clean it with cold or warm water.
5) The bottom has 4 non-slip pads to increase friction and prevent movement. With its thickened design, it won’t be easily knocked over by your pet.


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